Namuno - Gold & Gems

Even before to start with the industrial and the financial aspects of our project we worked with local communities to plan the sustainability and social responsibility of our approach, trying to understand all little aspects of their traditions and which measures to implement in order to improve the quality of the day by day life.

In Namuno we cut, shape and polish only natural colored stones. Our desire is to serve the Fine Jewelry and Costume Jewelry with technical and client service excellence. At Namuno we provide continuous training to our staff through several collaborations in place with well-recognized and respected members of the international lapidary community.


Diamond white gold ring solitaire

In Namuno Gold and Gems we hand make costume jewels . Enquires at    

Gold and diamonds on design earrings

Handmade gold and silver earrings with diamonds Namuno Gold and Gems . Shipping worldwide. Enquires at