What we do - Namuno

At Namuno we provide continuous training to our staff through several collaborations in place with well-recognized and respected members of the international lapidary community. We tend to complement our younger creativity staff with the experience of professionals who works as mentors and as senior cutters.

Namuno is in the process of building a colored gemstone lapidary school in Pemba far north of Mozambique in the province of Cabo Delgado; many local artisans are enjoying already the benefits of this collaboration, the local community is seeing this as an opportunity for local social economy, raw material earns value and the tax collection increases, too.

We tend to apply simple methodologies and tools in order to bring everybody aboard as soon as possible, we import professional tools from Italy, Israel, USA and Colombia.

While our staff in Mozambique is growing in terms of experience, we cut and polish our own gemstones in Europe, all the pieces come from our concessions or from well-known mine sites with proper certifications. Stones do not receive treatments to enhance color or quality, this is the only “One Direction” we want to walk in.